Ik wonder jou the bowery
Youtube Live for ‘Ik Wonder Jou’
May 21, 2020
10:00 am
Watch the concert here

The Bowery has recorded a special concert for the readers of ‘Ik Wonder Jou’. In this concert they take us in songs that are about real life, as many people know it: pure and with a raw edge. About doubt, pain and sorrow. But also about hope and faith. Never meant to give an answer, more to share and sometimes to set something in motion in the listener’s mind. The Bowery is a Dutch band, founded in 2016 by Rokus Maasland and Ramon Scherrenberg. Both share the passion for music and the pure sound of vocals and guitars, and the drive to create a story with this raw sound. So sit back, chat in the live chat, and enjoy!