The Bowery tijdens Eva Vriendinnenweekend 2019
Eva Car Tour
November 6, 2020
Centre of the Netherlands
Eva Website

Eva will organize a super fun car tour in the middle of the country on 6, 7 and 14 November 2020 especially for you and a friend.

Together with a friend you will tour for a day along various stopping places – including Restaurant de Smaak van Hoenderloo and Kasteel Amerongen – where you are most welcome for a fine cappuccino, fresh tea, a tasty lunch sandwich and a mini concert by The Bowery. Of course there is also enough time to stretch your legs in a beautiful nature reserve.

For the road you will receive ‘Licht Leven’-podcasts from Henk Binnendijk and Jirska Alberts about the spiritual armor, in response to the last chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. You will also receive extensive directions that lead you through vast forests, dreamy villages and fairytale castles. The questions to discuss which you receive at the starting point guarantee great conversations in the car.

For more information, visit the Eva website.