Best Thing I Heard Today: The Bowery

If you have been following this blog at all over the last 6 months, you know that while my musical tastes run to the more rock, alternative, hip-hip side of things, I’m really a pop lyric/hook guy. All of my favorite songs from any genre are the songs with the best, most memorable hooks….OK…not ALL….but most.

The guys from The Bowery reached out to CCM recently so I checked them out. The Bowery is a Dutch band that has a very unique sound. It’s really hard to describe. Their sound is a mix of minstrel folk, alternative, rock, singer/songwriter, roots…and yet it’s not really any of those things. There are not a lot of your typical catchy pop hooks…and yet it’s SO good. It’s more memorable for how good the whole project is rather than for any particular song chorus. The best way to describe this project is to say that it is full of passion and intensity.

The Bowery’s 2018 project, Broken Jars, and the song, “Everytime I Pray” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!
Door Ross Cluver
Gepubliceerd op 24 oktober 2019