The Bowery is a Dutch band, founded in 2016. The name is based on a district with the same name in New York, that started with the wonderful idea of a luxurious neighborhood full of bars and theaters. It quickly went downhill and soon there were gangs and it became a mess. “Sounds a bit like the earth,” said singer Rokus. “It was once the intention to be so beautiful, but the residents themselves have made a mess of it.” And that is how the band name of The Bowery came into being.

The songs from The Bowery aren’t standard songs about love and heartbreak. No, the songs are about real life, as many know it: pure and with a raw edge. About doubt, pain and sadness, but also about hope and faith. Never intended to give an answer, more to share and sometimes to put something in motion in the mind of the listener.

The sound of The Bowery underlines that story: a raw Springsteen sound and delicious unpolished guitar sound. In May 2018 they released their debut album on vinyl and in september 2020 they released their 2nd album ‘Mountains & Valleys’.
The Bowery Logo